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See this cat? I have  *never* been swerved as hard as he just swerved me, ha ha. I thought he was going to get on the back of my chair for some petting. Instead? He went into the next room over, got on the back of Small’s chair, and glared at me. I have no idea what I did to offend His Furriness, but whatever. *laughs*

Today, well, tonight’s main thing is it’s the first match at our football club’s new stadium. I laugh — I never thought at any point in my life that I would give half a crap about any sports franchise. I spent my military time resentful at how many people tried to ‘banter’ by trying to pick fights by presuming I supported teams from my home town… I didn’t. It’s not like I really talk football with anyone outside of Z or maybe Jezebelle, but it’s like… it’s something that matters to my partner, so why not. And it makes a nice distraction tonight with us both being a bit sick, so.

Right, I flee!


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