Appropriate Chilling

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It’s half-term, yay. *laughs weakly* Which means the girls are home and in my hair. I like having them around and it’s not so bad when it’s only a week like this break is, but still. The head cold still hasn’t shifted and I’ve got to work the rest of the week,  Z can’t take them into work like he normally does for a day, because he’s the only one in the office this week. Whups. I can hope that his parents might scoop ’em up for a day and take them somewhere, but as they’re already pencilled in for a sleepover this weekend, I’m not going to count on it.

But yeah, mainly I’m tired. That’s not likely to change outside of dumping my existing meatsack and occupying a new one, but feeling sliiightly more human-shaped and energetic would be great. Tomorrow is always another day though. 🙂


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