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Sometimes when I look at furkins back there, I think that it would be nice to be able to do the napping thing. But eh, my usual spending of time gaming and knitting is pretty good as well.

I’ve not done a lot of the latter today, since I’m still on that Diablo III jag. I did make a new Seasonal character to poke around with though, so we’ll see how that goes, or if I get bored of it and move on to something else. It’s certainly a new-to-me challenge to roll a fresh character, and then immediately dump them into Adventure Mode rather than Campaign. My level one Demon Hunter was put straight into Hard Mode, and is packing on the levels nicely. I’m torn between dropping it down a difficulty level, or just spending more crafting materials trying to keep reasonably solid gear on her until she hits max level. Really, I think the main thing is going to be trying to be patient while all the skills and the like unlock, because then it will be easier to turn her into a proper killing machine.

For now, dinner.


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