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On the whole, my desk setup is pretty awesome. I make good use of the space above and below, and it definitely fits the nickname of Technonest… except for one thing. Baby? And her predecessor? It’s a random not-spot for the wifi. Z checked and it *should* be getting a reasonable signal, but no dice. I proposed to him yesterday that we get a splitter so I can hardwire it in, and he suggested we go a bit above that. We’ve got this gigabit switch, and we’re also replacing some of the knackered cables with newer, faster ones. That includes replacing the main one that comes over here with a flat Cat 7, and all the branchings-off with Cat 6. Z also realised that means we can hard-wire the printer in,w hich got him a wee bit excited. *chuckles* We’ll be getting that all hooked up here in a minute. Woot, etc.

Smaller was home with me today for the same poorly tummy reasons as her sister was earlier this week (was it earlier this week? Long week ><). She’s in good spirits and mainly curled up with her tablet doing little, enabling me to work, AND to have music on instead of non-stop Peppa Pig. I would have done it for her ’cause I can sort of tune it out now, but music is always my preferred white noise. I can’t say that I got super-much work done, but I got us fed at lunchtime and plenty of cuddles, so. Definitely a productive day.

Right, gonna go hydrate some more. I haven’t been doing as good a job of it today as yesterday because my throat wasn’t as dry. It’s starting to feel dry now, so. Yeah. *chuckles*


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