It Happened Eventually

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We woke up to find that a bit of snow had accumulated overnight, and that it was still falling. It didn’t last  very long in the scheme of things, and has mainly gone away since the morning, but it was nice to see it for the bit that we could. There might be a smidge again overnight, but if it does happen, it’s probably not going to be significant.

We had a mini-playdate of sorts this afternoon, which was nice. The mother of one of Littler’s classmates wanted to buy a bracelet for herself, and one as a birthday pressie for her childling, so they came around to pick stuff out. It was a nice visit; I like childling’s mother, and appreciate getting to hang out a bit. Childling was noooot happy to leave, but I told her that she can come back and play another time. I mean, it was full on I DON’T WANT TO LEAVE I NEED ANOTHER BISCUIT THIS ISN’T FAIR and I just. My heart. I had to make sure to not laugh because I get it’s the very real big feel of being that age. And really, glad she had fun?

I’m tired and worn out. I’ve been feeling cruddy today on the whole, so like. Gonna go knit and zone out.


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