Paging Doctor Ariel

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One of the things that Z got me for Christmas was a ‘Sonic Spork’ — which is to say, a spork done up like a sonic screwdriver from Doctor Who. So what’s the first thing I do with it? I had a random itch on my head, so I used the spork to stab it. I wasn’t going to ever use it for food anyways ’cause it’s excellent desk tat, so I guess I’ve got a themed scratcher, ha ha. And yes, it does brush hair decently as well. *grins*

We are, for the most part, having an excellently sedate sort of day. The exception to that is that Z took the girls outside twice to play on their scooters, because he’s awesome. He also ordered my new toy! I was reminded that tended to have good things on a discount, and indeed, I managed to find a like-for-like for the laptop we were going to buy from John Lewis, but £100 cheaper. So that’s nice. It uses up all of my Christmas monies from various sources, but that’ll leave me with anything I get for my birthday to play with later. I might get a new tablet. I might just buy overpriced wool. We shall see what appeals when whatever appeals does. Y’all, I am legit spoiled, and I know it.

Right, I’m going to get back to knitting and gaming, because excellent self-care.


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