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I was amused this morning to look up and find Poison imperiously staring me down while pointing her belly at me. I haven’t met another cat that is so tolerant of her belly being assaulted by hands and faces, and I joked with Z last night that she’s a fattyfat so there’s more of her to nom.

Today has been a good day of doing nothing. And by ‘nothing’, I mean getting stuck into Divinity II, and a tiny bit of knitting. Most of my focus has been on trying to get this stupid headache to go away without taking meds. I’ve been hitting it with both caffeine and straight water in the hopes it’s a hydration thing, but that just seems to be sending me to the toilet. *chuckles* Oh well.

I need to make myself fish out the things that I’ve not listed in my Etsy shop, and get them photographed. I started a sale for this week in the hopes that I can tease out some early Christmas shoppers, but also, because I like throwing those out once in awhile. If it does well, I might extend it out another week. We’ll see. I’m not going to worry about it overmuch.

Right, I’m off.


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