One Down

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I made myself sit down and get the first sock finished off last night. I’m very happy with the result, to say the least. I risked making it a bit longer than most of my hand-knit socks, and it was totally within tolerance of the available wool. And while King Cole is the high end of cheap and cheerful, the Zig Zag really is fab sock wook — not just for the colours, but for how they feel and wear. I’ve got the second on the go now, and since I have all the math done on the first sock, the second should go fairly quickly.

For this evening, I continue my play-through of Zeus + Poseidon. This is the first time that I’ve gotten this far in the various missions; my ability to cope with random events in games has gone up in recent years. The current map has constant tidal waves altering my coast, and since most of the trade is done via pier, it’s required me to move things around to keep things coming in that my city needs. Still, it’s edifying to actually be able to do that without shutting down mentally.

Right, I need to go find a sock because my foot is cold. Because the sock I had been wearing developed a hole, so like… hole-free. It’s the way to be. If you’re a sock, at least. xD


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