Definitely Autumn

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While last night was super mild and dry, today is colder and wetter… quite a bit wetter. Thankfully, it wasn’t raining when I had to leave the house; it was parent/teacher conferences today. Both kiddos received glowing reviews from their respective teachers, with nothing they felt needed addressing. Smalls apparently is one of the better kids in her class for listening attentively, which is excellent news. I’ve been worried about the real chances of her having ADHD for years, something which teachers never seem to see in her. I guess hearing it in such a way finally hammered the point home for me? I’m still going to keep it in my book as a maybe, especially because of how AFABs are socialised to behave, but. She listens, she tries hard, and I could not ask for more from her.

As for Littler, she’s confident for the most part. She has lots of friends and doesn’t glomp onto any one person. She’s happy to do all the different things. And her teacher seems super dedicated, to include going out of his way to educate himself on the relevant psychology for educating little ones, and on how other countries do it. The main thing is that she is happy to go to school, they both are. I hope that’s always the case, and if not — that we can find a way to make it better.

Right, I am going to go cross my eyes at my knitting now. Dord!


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