He Wasn’t Impressed

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Batman likes to park his butt on or in the tub lately. It made sense when it was a big warmer, but it’s quickly getting to the time of the year where we have to turn the heat on for a few minutes in the morning. I can’t remember what I did to offend him outside of existing… having said that, he’s the master of so-called resting bitch face. *chuckles*

I cooked today! Actual food! I’d had a hankering for chicken and dumplings for awhile, and the easiest way to get them here is to make them myself. It came out quite well, and even better — the quantity was spot on. I have historically made enough to feed several armies, and then get stuck with leftovers for longer than I can get through them. As much as I like chicken and dumplings, I’d be lying if I said that I liked them after the second day.

I had a bit of a panic-laugh earlier. Z had mentioned this morning about Smalls’ harvest festival show, which is tomorrow. But my brain decided it was today, and I started having a bit of worry when Z hadn’t left the office by the time he was ‘supposed’ to. I threw this all off even worse by needing to make a post office run, ’cause my friends are the best customers. Anyways, Smalls’ thing is tomorrow, so whew for not accidentally missing that and making her sad.

Beyond that, I made a bit of ‘fine’ jewellery to list. I’m still waffling on price, but I will probably end up low-balling myself in this case. We’ll see!


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