Gettin’ Fancy

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I have swung back around to a Sims 3 legacy for the moment. I’m amused because I am working harder than usual to get the colours to be decor-y. I know that this picture doesn’t give much in the way of details, but yanno, s’fine. I know it isn’t a patch on bat’s efforts; I’m legit patting myself on the back for making a bed match the carpet, and spending a few minutes recolouring walls and wallpaper.

It also helps that I finally broke down and remembered to get an auto-saver mod. I’ve still had a couple of random game crashes, but they haven’t felt nearly as dire. Mind you, no idea how long before I get terribly bored, but at least I’ve made the conditions better for not becoming frustrated.

The weather today has been fab. And by that, I mean ‘seriously windy and killed a woman by blowing her caravan off a cliff’. That part wasn’t cool, but the whole windy and slightly chilly puts me in a fantastic mood. We’re supposed to get some rain tonight as well, so we’ll see. It’s knitting Wednesday, so hopefully E won’t get drowned going across the village.

Right, mind is wandering, so off I go behind it.


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