Woo Hoo!

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I was checking my email earlier, and was confused by the line:

Etsy Order confirmation for:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Yeah, it’s been a bit since I’ve had an order, ha ha. I’ve been trying to remember to be active on my relevant FB page to remind people I still exist, but that doesn’t seem to be doing much to drum up business. Still, it’s one of those ‘must do’ sort of things, so I do. I do hope that business picks up now that we’re moving into that Christmas window, but for now… yay, someone bought a thing.

Past that, I’ve managed to swing around from this morning’s ‘no idea what to play or knit’, to ‘playing the same game and knitting a thing’. I thought about popping over to another game, like Final Fantasy III, but apparently I stopped right before the final boss and am in no shape to do that battle, so I might as well think about starting at the beginning at some point. *chuckles* Same thing with Last Dream — I got to x point, and then stopped playing, and don’t even know where I left off. I’m still having fun with Two Point Hospital, but at this point, it’s more about trying to get the last couple of achievements.

Anyways, back to knitting.


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