Autumn Skies

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The skies today were gorgeously overcast… if only the temperature itself had been in the same arena. But never mind, the cool will return before I know it, and it was lovely to walk around and look at.

Otherwise, I’ve just been chilling and knitting. The current project I’m working on I had on a circular, but I ended up moving it over to DPNs because it was less fussy. It’s still building more slowly than I thought it would, but never mind. It’s not like I’m focused solely on my knitting — I almost never am.

*stifles a yawn* Right, back to that, and trying to stay still-ish. I got slammed by a wave of feeling unwell shortly before dinner, and while I am feeling a bit better now, it feels sort of touch and go. Rude, right? The whole various degrees of feeling crap this month have deterred me from trying to find an event to go exhibit at, because how can I get my head around such a thing if I’m feeling extra crap one way or the other.



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