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I am currently knitting the final bit for this puzzle of a project. I’m pretty happy with how all the bits individually look, but we’ll see how they look once I join ’em up.  I don’t know that I’ll get to that tonight, but probably over the weekend. Maybe. *laughs*  I’ve done a fabulous job of doing nothing but play Two Point Hospital today, which… perfect. I’d pencilled myself in today to do nothing in particular, so yanno… gold star for that.

I did a bit of thinking beyond that. I’ve got a couple of ‘big’ household cleaning/organising projects in mind; I’d mentioned my area yesterday. Even the one requires a lot of thinking, because it’s turning it around in my brain until executive dysfunction is happy that there is a reasonable approach to it. Today’s ‘first step’ was removing the broken vent tube from the back of the air conditioning unit. The next step will be putting said unit back into the cupboard, since we’re not likely to need it again until next summer. I’ve got an idea of what I might be doing after that, but not much past that. It’s kind of a good balance of course of action versus not getting buried under seeing too many of the steps in front of me. I know there’s a lot that needs to get done, but. We’ll see how it goes.

For now, time to herd children bedward.


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