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Our near future rearrangement plans have to do with moving Smalls’ laptop into the study, and Littler’s laptop where Smalls’ laptop currently is (behind mine). The latter is currently buried in the pile of stuff behind me, in what was once reputedly a crafting desk for the girls. Let’s be honest, I’ve been rubbish about letting them use the space because the noise being behind me causes my anxiety to spike badly. So I figure… once they are shifted to their new positions, I can strip out the crafting things there and… put them elsewhere? Like, in a box in their room, or under the desk in the study — somewhere they can actually get to and use the stuff. And then I can take over the space for my crafting/shop efforts. Plus, I figure setting myself a goal like that will encourage me to actually tackle it… we’ll see. I’m certainly not doing anything in the next couple of days!

For now, I am going to carry on playing Two Point Hopsital (yes, still 😀), and poke at my knitting. Dord!


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