Uggggh, Stupid Feelings

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Today, I found my neighbour’s obituary online. And, apparently, I’m not done grieving… grand. We weren’t even close or anything, but the whole ‘having real feelings like a real girl’ thing sometimes gets a bit exhausting.

Speaking of girls, they came home from visiting their grandparents in a strop. Apparently, Littler was being mean to Smalls, so I gave them both cuddles and a talking to. I think they’re still mad at each other, but both are less mad in general… I’ll happily take that for the moment. I don’t want to deny them their anger, because I won’t be a party to telling them that any of their feelings are invalid or ‘bad’. It’s all in the handling, really, and making sure that they are equipped to understand how to deal with all emotions in healthy ways.

I guess that’s about it. I’ve mainly been poking at Animal Crossing: New Leaf all day, which ngl, is a weekend day well spent.


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