Plans For the Weekend

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I’m gonna say that this plan was a fairly obviously one — playing games, and knitting. I’ve trotted out Animal Crossing: New Leaf to start giving it a serious looking at. Of course, since it’s at the start more or less, it’s a lot of ‘wait until later’. So basically I’ve been spending my time fishing and grinding up currency. Ah well, at least it’s not the only game I have on the go!

I woke up this morning with the worst leg cramp ever; nothing makes you feel old like your leg trying to snap itself in half. I was a tiny bit annoyed with myself because I knew it was coming, but hadn’t tended to it preemptively. I usually get twinges a few days in advance, and down enough tonic water to prevent it from happening. Yeaah, gonna be better about that, ’cause my leg muscles all feel really knackered as a knock-on affect. At least the weather means I don’t really have to go anywhere, ’cause leaving the house would mean getting blown over or soaked, or both.

Right, meds and knitting and the gaming and the things.


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