Complaining to the Internet

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One of those old maxims/everybody knows (at least, in my peer group) is that if you want something to go your way, then you need to complain to the internet. My version of it of the moment was to take this picture in protest of my fighting with GeForce Experience and Minecraft to agree. And then in the end I had to go into Java and fuck with some settings for a result. But hey, Minecraft is working on my laptop again? xD Hopefully it’ll keep working.

I managed to make some more good progress on work things today. I also managed to annoy Smalls by wanting her to help me out. I put it to her this way — I am so exhausted that I am unable to feed myself. I eventually did manage to drag myself into the kitchen and eat a thing, but like. Body hurts, there are less than no spoons, and I was wheezing from the humidity earlier. I ended up putting on the a/c which helped with the wheezing a bit, but like. Body, staaahp.

((and of course, the weather is supposed to get right hot-nasty the next couple days again, sigh!))

Tonight’s plan of action is to try to make good headway on finishing off the hat I’m currently making. It’s the second one I’m doing for the charity tombola, and I got to the second band of ribbing earlier. Ideally, I’ll get it done and sewn up and turn them in on Thursday… which means having that done, and then having the next project lined up. I thought I might make another big blanket in the pink and black like I did before, which would probably be a good, fairly mindless holiday knit. We’ll see.

Right, should probably go herd children into bed, ha ha.


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