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Z has continued his efforts in chipping out the study, and we have reached a stage that we have both been looking forward to — actually being able to reach the surface of the desk. I found out earlier that Smalls has explicitly staked a claim to it, which is fair. The television is hooked up to the PS2, and the Wii (which is hers). Her moving in there works out well, because it means that we can move Littler’s laptop to where Smalls’ laptop is currently located, which is significantly better than its current location (under a pile of stuff dislocated by the air conditioner).

((haha, Smalls is in there playing Soul Caliber 2. Win? Totally win.))

Myself, I’ve been vaguely trying to assist with the laundry. I need to go upstairs and fold another load of my things, and bring down socks to sort. *makes it so* I have to take it stupid slow these days. I saw the thing going around about ‘usable hours‘ in a day. If it’s things done solely at my desk where I don’t get up, I can eke out a few hours. If it’s physical stuff? I’m batting less than an hour a day on that front — and that’s up from where I was last year. I’m stupid proud that I can manage to like, change the cat litter and take that chore off of Z’s list. I wish I could do more in a day because he deserves help and support, but alas. I don’t go around beating myself up over it because that’s just stupid, but I still think that it’s important to acknowledge this often.

Right, gonna play a few minutes of The Sims, and then see if I can manage to eke out another tiny chore.


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