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Amongst the five million other jobs Z did today, he found time to help me build my new chair. I didn’t expect it to take long, but it was over even faster than I expected. Apparently it was designed to be done by one person, so two definitely made for quicker hands. While the distance between my butt and the ground is a bit more than I like, it’s short enough to roll under my desk, and that means that it also has enough clearance for me to be able to sit here with my legs crossed under me.

I’m glad with the purchase, though I still feel a tiny bit bad that we crossed the invisible picket line to get it on Prime Day. It was something that we really needed, but still. You’d think someone as rich as Bezos who complains he doesn’t have enough things to spend money on would want to invest in his workers, but. There’s been studies that show that poorer people tend to be more generous with their less… I guess because there’s more empathy at that level. When all you associate is fellow rich people, I guess that taking care of the people under you goes against the ‘well if I did it they can do it’ ethos (even if often they had that ‘small million dollar loan’ or whatever the fuck that most people don’t have available).


The weather today is gorgeous. It’s rained a couple of times, but mainly, the temperature has been back where it’s supposed to be. It’s supposed to go back up after a couple of days, but for now… I’m actually chilly with the fans on and the windows open. We’re supposed to see more rain over the next 24 hours, so hooray for that.

I guess that’s about it, really. I’m going go to back to letting my brain gnaw on small business things, knitting, and giving Sims a pleasant life.


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