Filling Boxes

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I got the earring stock moved to a new box this morning, and then finished making the amount of stock that I wanted to have to hand. So like, there’s over 80 pairs of earrings? I sincerely doubt I’ll get through all of them at the fete, but I’m kind of proud of myself for getting goodies made and stashed.

Which means, of course, I’ve had to circle back around to bracelets. I’ve done a couple more of the child-sized ones, and have to temper enthusiasm to generate stock against using up all my beads. Still, it’s not like I can’t claim back the beads after the fact if I need to, so. *shrugs*

Otherwise, it’s been about trying to not melt. I broke down and asked Z to help me set up the a/c unit down here because I was just freaking miserable. It was mid-high 80Fs this afternoon, and now it’s ‘only’ 81F. I know a lot of Americans are ‘so what’, but like, thick-ass walls, a/c definitely not standard, definitely not the sort of temps we would be expecting this time of year, etc. I also suffer really badly from humidity, so having the unit running also gets that funk off of me. And, considering that hte forecast is keeping temps this sort of high, well… *waves the white flag*

Right, time to herd childlings to bed.


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