Grinding Levels

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One of my favourite Ctrl+Alt+Del strips of Ye Olden Days was one about Ethan buying  bunch of food with the intention of grinding his cooking skill. That is sort of how I am feeling today, but in earring making. I’ve made over 20 pairs today, and currently plan to continue making more. Z and I talked about it, and we agreed that I should not think about making things while there ’cause I need to pay attention, so yanno, work work work.

Today has been gross hot. I took the downstairs a/c unit out of the closet, but we’ve not made use of it yet. I think that if it’s going to keep on like this, we will be giving into it sooner rather than later. I fully expect that the one upstairs is going to be going on shortly when the girls go up to bed. Down here… I need to make space for the unit. We normally park it where Littler’s laptop is, and well. I might just have to relocate it to where she usually sits and have her sit on the floor. She’d probably be okay with that, especially if it meant that we were all less hot and humid (not that she quite knows how to process it, and refers to it all has ‘cold’, and overheats herself).

Right, I should go chase children bedwards.


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