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I decided I was going to try to focus my efforts on getting the blanket finished. It takes up a lot of space in my crafting area, so getting it done and moved off would be a Good Thing™®. It’s pleasant to look upon and I was starting to get a good pace before we hit dinnertime. Hopefully I can get back on that once I’m done here.

As it were, it’s pleasing to be productive on *something* today. I’ve had a high fog day, and that came with a bit of the baby fibro. That didn’t last too long thankfully, as a dear friend made her monthly order in my shop. I do my best to get the orders out as they come in, and her timing also meant that I could finally hit up the Chinese for lunch. The special fried rice might not have been cheap, but it was plentiful, and I ate it all. I REALLY probably should have stopped at half and put the rest aside for tomorrow, but never mind. Next time I treat myself, I will attempt to apply restraint… attempt. It’s the best fried rice I’ve found since moving here, and considering that has been at times my staple food… well.

*stifles a yawn* Right, back to sewing while I can. We’ve got a swingset to build tonight once the girls are in bed, so I want to make sure that yanno, I’m not stressing out because this hasn’t been done.


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