And Rest

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As of today, all of the squares are joined! Woo! Now, there’s only… weaving in hundreds of ends… doing a border… possibly sewing a back on… oh okay, there’s a lot of work left, but it still feels good to be ‘done’ for the moment. I might start weaving in some of the ends tonight, but there’s an equally strong chance that I am going to ignore it and play Skyrim. Because Skyrim.

Which, obviously, tells what I did today, ha ha. I sewed, and I gamed. Considering that it was a hot and gross day to exist (and a hot and gross summer to follow reputedly), the not moving was especially vital to making it through. At least sleep should be pleasant; Z went ahead and got the upstairs a/c running to try and bring the temperature and humidity down.

Right, knackered and brain isn’t making words, so I’m off.


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