One and a Bit

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As it stands right now, I have one row and a ‘square’ remaining on the main work of my blanket. I should probably buckle down and get it done, but Skyrim. *chuckles* It’s been really nice getting back into it and being reminded of why the memes are hilarious (not that I had forgotten per se, but they’re a bit more spicy when you’re actually actively playing a game).

But yeah, it’s been a delightful do-nothing sort of day for me. Z, on the other hand, had more than his fair share of chores, starting with gardening. One of Littler’s birthday pressies is a swingset,so he wanted to get the back garden mowed before we installed it. I won’t lie — I’m super jazzed and hope that they love it. Yes, when I say ‘set’, I mean there are two swings. Smalls knows about it, and has been a real champ about not telling her sister what’s to come.

*rubs head* Right, I should go get some more water or something.


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