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The blanket continues to grow. I’m shortly to begin adding the sixth row; it’s going to end up being 5×8, I think. It’s a pretty good size right now, but yanno, more bigger, more better or something. xD

I opted to do eff-all today, which basically amounted to ‘ALL THE SKYRIM’, and a few little chores. Z wanted to have some room to clear out the freezer, so I did some chipping in the kitchen to enable that. I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked because my back went ‘PING!’ and I had to take it easy… nobody tells you just how janky you get when you age, ha ha. Or if they do, we sure don’t listen. xD

Tomorrow, we’re going to take the girls down to the retail park for a spot of shopping/browsing/putting us in proximity of McDonalds because they want Happy Meals. Z made the last payment on our holiday today, so making sure we have appropriate garb for that is ideal. As much as the girls like to hold onto pieces long after they’ve grown out of them, they do occasionally consent to something new. *chuckles* I need to grab a few wardrobe staples myself, but I can probably do that off of Amazon without any real issues. I’ll talk to Z later, after the girls are in bed.

For now, I’m going to get back to sewing, and Skyriming.


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