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After doing a few rows of a gauge square and going meh, I decided to go ahead and get the first couple of rows of sockage started. This is all of a row and a half in, but mainly I just wanted to get it started before going out tonight. That way, I have the choice between working on the sock (knitting), or working on the blanket (sewing). They’re just about as easy as each other, so it’s just gonna be where my mood takes me.

The mood definitely did not take me to heights of work productivity, alas. I finished the last bit I could definitely do, and then tried to put my mind to sorting out one of the accounts I’d put to the side. After several hours, I hadn’t gotten very far with it. I don’t know if I’m going to look at it tomorrow, or just blow it off and leave it for my compatriot in the office to sort it out on Monday. Honestly, that’s probably going to be the most productive route on the whole, but still. I guess I’ll see what I’m up to tomorrow. Worst comes to worst, I spend it doing self-care via games and crafting. 😀

Right, gonna go eat dinner.


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