Party Rock

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And lo, we did go to a child’s birthday party this morning, and lo, we did survive. They even fed the adults, which I made sure to praise ’cause normally we get stiffed at these deals. The birthday girl loved her bounce house surprise, and Z and I were both charmed by the fact it had a slide (the bit in the foreground). And the four of us? Utterly knackered, ha ha. Smalls is spending the night at her grandparent’s house tonight, and I would not be surprised if she called an early night. Her sister did, and knock on wood, she has yet to come down to tell us something. She does most nights as part of her winding down, which is hella cute.

I made a point to be some version of social. I confirmed one lady’s name, and gave some information about local knitting groups to another. The hostess and her husband were aware of me needing to find a chair and curl up, so I was well accommodated without it being like, obviously so?

Anyways, I am knackered, as said, so I am going to get back to where I don’t have to make words outside of naming a listing in my shop. I got one bracelet in, and made a second. I have some tentative names in mind though, so hopefully that won’t take me too long to turn around.


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