Kids Love Unboxing-ings

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If there is one thing Littler loves to do, it’s to box herself up. She was genuinely cross at me that I wouldn’t close the top up fully, ha ha. I told her that I wasn’t happy doing that at this point, and she quit grumbling after a bit. She’s a good kiddo, and good at entertaining herself. Which is good, since Smalls was having a nice night/day with her grandparents. I think she got the psyche petting that she needed after a rough couple of weeks. Just yanno, the whole dragging towards the end of the school year, and of course, the emotional strain that is learning how to be a… not a grown up… a bigger person? That’s not quite it either. She is a great kid, and pretty empathetic by any metric, but that doesn’t magically skip her past learning life lessons on the way.

Littler and I did a splendiferous sort of nothing. We had plenty of cuddles, but for the most part we stayed in our respective corners doing our own thing. I zoned out and got a Skyrim fix. I also got to show off my crafting when the in-laws dropped Smalls off; Mum wanted to be nosy and see how my creations were coming. So that was nice. I’ve not made anything new today — just the gaming, and painting nails, and like, two stitches of knitting before a child wanted me to do something for them. Not that I mind, just that keeping a train of thought hasn’t really been a thing that’s been working today. *chuckles*

I guess that’s about it. I should take my meds and maybe try to do a few rows of knitting. Or not.


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