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I’m not exactly sure what the deal is today, or the combination of deals, but breathing? Yeah, not happening. My nasal passages are clear-feeling in spite of snottiness, but like… lungs. They are protesting a lack of air anytime I get up to do anything. I know I’ve still got a cold, I know the pollen count is up there, I know that it’s hot and more than bit humid. Still. Rude. *grumps*

Still, I’ve made some knitting progress, so yay? I’m on the last diamond/square I can eke out of this skein, and while I don’t expect to finish it tonight, it’s a nice personal challenge to consider. I don’t think I’ll be doing bead anything tonight, so. I now have five bracelets listed, which I think is a good teaser amount. I take immense pleasure and satisfaction with each of them so far, outside of very minor niggles. I look forward to trying my hand at earrings… when the blasted hooks show up next week. Hrmph.

Right, gonna go back to knitting and wheezing. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.


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