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Not only is my bracelet game on fire, I semi-literally am. It’s rather hot today, and I even willingly went out into it to see if I could find sour cream for dinner (no love on that front). Yeah, the papers shrill about the hottest bank holiday weekend since forever, and yeah, it’s warm. Z just reminded me on accident that heeeeey, I should turn my fan up and see if that makes it better to cope with, and it did. I’m slow sometimes, ha ha. ¬¬

That’s pretty much the whole of what I’ve done today, if I’m honest. I made the fourth bracelet, and got the lot photographed and listed. I’ve done a few rows of knitting as well, but for the most part, it’s just been trying to de-snot, and enjoying retro gaming (currently Pharaoh, a cousin to the Caesar games). I think I am going to… bah, get the girls ready for bed, and then zone back out. *nodnods*


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