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Tonight’s picture is just the bread knife that lives on the kitchen table, complete with a few crumbs. Z likes to order baguettes for his lunch, so it sees a fair amount of use.

Speaking of Z, my current gaming jag is compliments of him in the form of Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! I have to say that it is very moreish, and that I’m probably gonna burn myself out almost immediately from how immersive I’m finding it. We’ll see. I’m also still dabbling in original Civilization, so it’s pretty easy for games I think I’m burned out on to suck me back in.

Last night was pretty fun. It was E’s birthday, so I was doing my best to spoil her in a low-key, silly way. The only real downside of the night was there was a woman there who was selling one of those MLM beauty care lines, and she was plopped right next to me and repeatedly talked at me. Well. As she wasn’t trying to sell to *me*, then I was willing to respond. I was probably a bit more terse than would normally have been warranted, but I was wary. She didn’t try too hard to sell to us, so I’m guessing she picked up the ‘not interested’ vibe. Like I told R, it annoys me the presumption that coming to a group that is primarily female would mean potential clients. Having said that, we might have not been the target group, based on the three women that showed up at one point and bee-lined to the table. Still.

Right, onwards.


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