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When I was in the Air Force, I put aside my love of fun socks — because it was easier to just keep the bog standard ones that were acceptable for uniform. But after a few Christmasses here, I developed a healthy stockpile of fun, mainly stripy socks. I mainly keep the old ones around to keep my arms warm, but this morning my head was cold. So I took one that was floating loose, sewed the ends together, and made a headband. It was perfect for covering my ears until I warmed up, and to otherwise keep my hair pushed back. Plus, it left me feeling hella crafty, so. xD

This has been a long week of being ill, and I am glad that it’s just about done. Well, the week at least; I’m still a bit ill. I wasn’t sure I was going to manage to get anything done this morning because of how I felt. Water and caffeine finally brought through the fugg enough for me to get some work done, but I shouldn’t’ve been surprised that it happened since I insisted on going out last night. I can’t say that it was worth it, or that it wasn’t. Those two things don’t exist on the same continuum apparently. After all, last night WAS fun. We had a new person joining the group, and it’s always fun to see someone try their hand at our craft. And he was doing really well! I’m hoping he’ll become a regular because he seemed like a pretty nice person, and it’s always nice for more people to join the crew.

Speaking of joining the crew, Littler had a parcel in today. The other night, Smalls and I were playing with our unicorns together, and Littler had commented that she wanted one. So we ordered her a little one. The three of us have been having a running Unicorn Party since the parcel was opened, so I think I managed to balance one getting a new toy with one not in a way that made everyone happy.

For tonight, I’m going to try to get my head around attempting some knitting. I didn’t get to work on the jumper last night because I forgot to bring my pattern, so it would be nice to make myself get some progress made on it.


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