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One of the houses in the village that went all out for Halloween has made a start on their Christmas decorations. If that’s what they want to do, then good on them — but I still roll my eyes slightly. While smiling. As said, to each their own, but it’s not for me personally. Doesn’t mean I’m going to disparage someone for doing something they like that doesn’t harm anyone.

It was a pretty decent day on the whole. I didn’t relish doing the school run because of the whole hurting/tired thing, but as usual it ended up being a fairly pleasant session of listening to the little one babble. She did her thing once we got home, and I did work-y things. I did end up knocking off a bit early so we could have an extended cuddle session, because hrm…. awesome? I had to kick her off of my lap when she was trying to move into nap position, but she forgave me fairly quickly for turfing her.

Tomorrow, we get to see her in action… first thing in the morning. *chuckles* I don’t look forward to having to be vaguely human-shaped to do that, but oh well. I wouldn’t miss it for the world either, so. Since it’s going to be the littler kids, I’m guessing that it’s going to be a pretty short ‘play’ anyways, which means it won’t be too long until I can get back to some life-giving caffeine.

For now, time to tuck the girls into bed, and then time to zone out and dream of snow. The weather forecasters keep claiming that bad storms are gonna blow in the next couple of days (weeks?), but are only suggesting that the northern parts of the UK are going to get anything. Most of what I see forecast here in the 10 day is rain and more rain… definitely gonna hope for snow.


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