Too Many Unicorns

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Today, my companion Smalls complained that I have too many unicorns, and that I was greedy. Let’s see — I made one unicorn, the red thing is a mooshroom, Fluffy was a Christmas gift, and kittencorn is only half a unicorn (and the only one I bought anyways). I was amused though — I do love my plush goodness.

And yes, Smalls was my companion today. She ended up home from school with a UTI. She felt great other than that, and we enjoyed being in each other’s company while doing our own things. Z got her in to the doctor this afternoon to verify said infection, and she’s got a course of antibiotics — and a check-up scheduled for next week after school. I know people love to slag off the NHS and socialised medicine, but heeey, look what my taxes paid for. My kid gets prompt service when she needs it. 🙂

My side where I ripped it yesterday has managed to not be too bad today. I sleep on that side, so while it woke me a few times with tossing and turning, it mainly did well for having the pressure on it. It’s tender if I touch it, but normal movement doesn’t seem to be bothering it. Having said that, I’ve got like, a finger and a half on both hands that aches when I type for some reason, and that is more immediately distracting.

*tests on knitting* That’s fine, at least.

I’m in that state right now where no games are appealing to me particularly. I did Prison Architect for a day and got bored of it. I thought maybe some Craft the World, but I knew once I got into that I’d be bored pretty immediately. I could be wrong. I’ve popped on Dragon Age Inquisitions for the second, though I’m not really feeling that either. Maybe, le gasp, I just need to take a little break from games. Or maybe it’s depression. I tend to get game-rutty when depression hits, though I mainly feel fine (outside of that anxiety shit that’s been spiking lately).

Still, I kind of suspect that the anxiety is because I’m seriously not with it lately. Like, my levels of executive dysfunction have gotten ridiculous, and I’m making stupid mistakes that make life harder for the rest of the household. I know that the ADHD diagnosis and meds would seriously help with that — if the referral ever yanno, resulted in me actually getting a freaking appointment. A part of me is wondering if I should chase it up at the surgery, but like… spoons. No spoons. *jazz hands*

Right, gonna go zone out. Have a good eve, y’all.


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