The Thing is Did! Done!

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Today, I officially am caught up on work. So unless Z needs me to do something tomorrow, I’ll check things over again on Friday and that’ll do for the week. It’s a relief to be back to this point, and hopefully I can keep it up. We’ll see. December shouldn’t be too bad, but January… well.

In less celebratory news, the car is still broken and won’t be fixed until Friday at the soonest. One of the parts the mechanic ordered? He got sent the wrong one so that’s slowing things up. At least we know what the cost is going to be on the whole now, even with other problems being spotted. It’s all a bit annoying, yeah, but it’s not the end of the world. Really, the ‘worst’ bit personally is having to find other travel arrangements to get to knitting tomorrow night, but that was pretty easily sorted out.

I guess that’s about it really. Back to Pokemon and knitting.


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