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One of the annoying things in circular knitting is jogging. And no, not that jogging I avoid like the plague, but rather, stripes that don’t line up. There are a couple of different methods that are supposed to help eliminate the worst of that, and I applied one here when I changed colours. I’m only a few rows into the blue, but it seems like it does the job well enough (as long as I can keep my brain from doing the dumb, ha ha).

Speaking of dumb, I think fibromyalgia has finally caught up with me. Which is to say, I think I had my first ‘proper’ flare today, sigh. A friend has suggested it might be neuromyopathy instead, but what I can find on it doesn’t seem to match up. Obviously, I’m hoping it’s not fibro, but at least it’s a thing I’m aware of and have people who have it who can give support and advice. All I know is that the feeling in my hands/wrists (and matching feeling in my feet) is not a return of carpal tunnel. I know how that feels, and this is not it.

Still, even with all of that making me feel crapped up, I made some awesome progress on getting work things caught up. There’s a very real chance I will cross the line on finishing that off tomorrow. And if not, my goal of having it done by the end of the week should be fairly easy to reach. So that’s one thing. I can also hope that if I DO finish, I manage to find some spoons to like, help tidy up around the house. I’ve not done anything useful for the past week, so this whatever it is… thanks, bad timing.

I am still slowly making my way through Into the Drowning Deep. I almost resent Seanan because like, all of a sudden I’m feeling hearteyes towards the sea because so many of the main characters have hearteyes for the sea. There is also a very real chance that I will re-read it the second I finish it just so that I have a fuller impression before trying to write a review. Even if that’s not something I make a habit of, my hearteyes for Seanan in general means I’m gonna try to do the right things as a fan and potential maybe-friend (?) to support her career, and to keep her cats in food.


Right, gonna kick back now and wait for the ibuprofen to kick in. My hand-arm-wrists are starting to feel swollen and burny, so. Fingers crossed it does the do enough to enable me to make it through the rest of the night.


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