Bed Buddies

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While the girls have been sharing a room for some time now, they have something new in common — matching beds (and later this year, matching headboards). Littler’s bed was delivered this morning, and she had fun teasing her sister for having a ‘smaller’ bed. Small’s bed, being older, means that the mattress isn’t as perky, and it made for a cute/funny exchange.

I managed to eff up my sleep last night — again. Since Z had his meeting, my brain for taking my meds wasn’t where it should be. I’ve just taken them for tonight, so hopefully between the large dinner and a night of rest I will feel vaguely human tomorrow. Between needing the nap yesterday and messing up my sleep, I had to stay chair-bound because moving meant dizziness. I had to ask my in-laws to do the school run, and they are awesome for it.

I guess that’s about it, really. I’m dealing with a rather severe case of brain fog as a result of the last day or two, so I’d rather be in a zoning out state where I don’t have to verb. 🙂


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