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First of all, I apologise if you didn’t get the snazziness of a featured image today. For some reason, I can’t get the gallery to accept uploads. I don’t know if there’s something down at Dreamhost, or something down at our end, but whatever. You still get a picture here at least?

Of course, today’s picture comes to you compliments of a small family outing this afternoon. I’m still feeling like hell, but the temptation of Hobbycrack is not to be denied. Z was amused to watch the girls join me in patting all the wool, but I somehow made it out of there without buying anything. The temptation was there, of course — they had Caron Cakes, for example. But as I was browsing for sock wool and there was little that filled that remit, it was pretty easy to keep my purse closed. Well. There was some quality stuff, but of a single solid colour, and I like a bit of *jazz hands* to my socks.

But yeah, it was nice to get out, and we were lucky to miss getting that wet both there and back again. We also managed to pick up a few things for Littler’s birthday, which is less than a month away now. Shopping for her is difficult because she wants for nothing and we don’t want to fill the house with crap for crap’s sake. Having said that, we’re probably going to look towards colouring books and other such ‘disposable’ toys to round out her birthday stash. We’ll figure it out.

But now — Dr. Who time!


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