Pleasant Travels

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Yeah okay, I know, it’s all gloomy and rainy, but like… I dig it, especially when the temp is just low enough that the heat factor humidity brings isn’t murdering me. It was cool enough to be pleasant and fresh, and that is invigorating after a fashion. Having said that, still recovering from last weekend, woo chronic fatigue. ¬¬ At least the anxiety and other swooshy brain chemicals are starting to settle back down. I always forget until I eff ’em up that something as simple as a late night can wreck them for a spell. Still, as  hard as it has made this week, it was worth it. *smiles*

For the weekend, I have less than diddly squat planned. I’d love to go out Tempsford way and finish doing the geocaches there, but not in this weather. Maybe if it were just Z and myself it would be one thing, but with the kids… better to wait until it’s drier again. Having said that, maybe we can get Z’s parents to take them for a few hours… hrm. But if they did, I think that we’d be inclined to come home and flop, which — that’s all I want to do.

Right, time to zone out to teevee and games. Ta-ra!


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