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14618720_10154555706931449_636880313_oI have spent all evening processing the wool I came home with yesterday. And by processing, I mean entering everything into a spreadsheet, because I’m that big of a nerd. But now I know exactly what there is with only one or two question marks, and there’s a lot of goodness in there. there’s also some degree of faffy wools that are ‘fashion’ and I might not want to personally work with, but I think that I can find good homes for with people who would appreciate it. We’ll see. We’ll see if I actually am a good friend and share my work witout prompting, or if I’m going to have to be ‘reminded’.  I probably should feel like a bigger jerk for that, but I’m seriously kind of high and buzzing from having a random £400-500+ worth of wool suddenly materalise in my life.

But also, I’d dumped the bag out on my bathrobe so it wasn’t on the floor and it’s cold and I wanted my robe back.

And by cold, I mean I actually wore a sweater for part of today for the first time in a looooooong time. We had to go to the parish church for the school Harvest Festival performance, so that meant dropping Littler off with Z’s parents, and walking around from there. It was nice to actually be cold enough to need the sweater, but not to be immediately overheating to the point of wanting to rip it off. I love that I am going to bed and feeling cool enough to not need to stick a leg out to prevent overheating. I might even need to find my cap if it gets any cooler, hee hee. Yeah, I totally sleep with a hat on when it’s cold. It helps me feel snugglier, and thereby sleep better.

So yeah, I’m not completely sick of wool after that, so I am going to zone out and knit.


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