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ps-112__93648-1366063026-1000-1000-jpgc-2I keep seeing friends on Facebook posting via magic wossit that they are registered to vote. I presume it’s something that pops up if you use Facebook on your phone (I generally don’t), so here’s my announcement. The timing is apt, as I am currently watching last night’s debate. I spotted that it was on the BBC News, so why not. I’m already sold on not voting for the Cheeto, but as I’ve otherwise avoided anything off of American news in regards to the election, it’s nice to have a few minutes to confirm that he’s an infantile moron, and that she makes good semi-diplomatic smirks. Well. I’m voting for her because her platform is the best match to what I would vote for, as the third party candidates are just freaking awful. I voted for Jill Stein last time, but I’ve since learned that she is rather disturbingly anti-science for someone with Dr. in front of her name. Rather anti-science and, I believe, somewhat assy when it comes to us mentally ill sorts. [[Citation needed]] on that, as I’m in no brain shape to go hunting and pecking for said citation.

I saw this on a friends FB earlier today:

The One Question You Should Always Ask Before Trying To Cheer Someone Up

It pleased me to read this, if only for the fact that I’d not thought about it before. I’d not thought about it before, but it’s kind of super important and makes so much sense to me. I’ve always felt guilty because I didn’t want cheering up — I want to get my grump out. I want to process through my feelings. I don’t want to be buried under the weight of not hurting someone elses’ feelings because ‘they’re just trying to help’. I certainly hope that all 5-10 of y’all that seem to be hanging around on the daily read it, think on it, share it, etc. I think it’s something that everyone can appreciate. 🙂

Right, I am going to go enjoy the quiet. The girls are both asleep, and Z is out at a meeting. The only noise is cats coming and whining at me, which is mainly tolerable. Mainly. *glares at Batman*


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