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I realised today that I have been rubbish at leaving the house again lately. With the weather and the kids, I’ve been avoiding doing things like Pok√©walks, instead staying curled up in my chair. I don’t mind per se, but Iunno, it’s sort of good to get out of the house more than once every other week.   So when… Read more »

Finally. Ish.

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As of a few minutes ago, I have started casting off on my dratted/lovely shawlette. I’ve not done the cast off it calls for before, so it’s a bit fussy to do. It probably won’t take as long to do as I think, but at this exact second I don’t want to deal with it either. It also doesn’t help… Read more »

Ha Ha, Whups!

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I meant to write this before I went out, but I forgot. Oh well. Today was our first day back at work-ish. I was home with the kids, as I tend to be. Smallhausen wanted to get her nails painted, and to go out for walks, and all sorts of things. We ended up doing none of the above because… Read more »


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It surprises a lot of people out here that I like living in such a tiny place. I’m originally from Dallas, which is… not small, albeit amusingly interbred. Seriously. Six degrees of separation? More like 2-3 at most. But here, in a place that has 0.15% of Dallas’ population, I seriously feel most at home. I nod politely to people… Read more »