Ha Ha, Whups!

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I meant to write this before I went out, but I forgot. Oh well.

Today was our first day back at work-ish. I was home with the kids, as I tend to be. Smallhausen wanted to get her nails painted, and to go out for walks, and all sorts of things. We ended up doing none of the above because I was being brutally murdered by a headache. Still am, actually, even though I’ve thrown all the pain meds I can at it. Rude, right? I’m hoping that I can honour at least one of those requests for her tomorrow, or else I’m going to be a bit cross with myself.

But at least I got myself out to my thing, hee hee. I love my Stitch ‘n Bitch group, and was reminded again today how good a group it is indeed. Some of our recent ‘inductees’ include a mother/daughter pair, and they’re a wonderful fit and I enjoy making their continued acquaintanceship. It’s not like we’re an exclusive group, mind — we are a very inclusive, snarky, and surprisingly sober group. We meet at a pub, see, and often we’re more raucous than the actual drinkers, to include me once standing up and wiggling my bottom at everyone because why not.

But yeah, like… inclusive. Nice folk. They know that I have mental health ‘problems’ and an unstable past and that I feel comfortable enough to be candid about this. I sometimes get the well-meaning ‘I couldn’t tell that [x]’, which is coached affectionately enough to not be minimizing or insulting, a rare feat. We don’t stick to safe territory either; our discussions range all over the place. Today for example, I ended up giving (on request) a civics lesson on the structure of the US government, as a couple of people were interested on whether or not Trump would have a place in the government if he didn’t get elected president. I was happy to share the information, and glad that I was comfortable enough at being the centre of attention to do it. I’m better at being the centre of attention than I think I am… I think… where was I going with that? *chuckles* But historically, that was under a layer of booze, and I have been a teetotaler for some years now.

Anyways, I am up waaaay late, even for a Stitch ‘n Bitch night, so I’m off.


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