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The Best Use of Spoons

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I’m not completely sure what happened, but I surprised myself by finding the spoonage to make some soup from scratch. I’d been thinking sadly about how store bought doesn’t quite hit the mark, and before I knew it, I’d gone to the kitchen and started peeling potatoes. I’m hoping that I didn’t burn up all my extra spoonage making soup,… Read more »

Yay Soup

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Because obviously, in this era of the internet, one must post pictures of their food as often as possible. It’s not plated or posed or Photoshopped — it’s just soup that I made tossed in a bowl, ’cause eating it straight out of the slow cooker is probably not the best idea. I had two bowls for dinner last night,… Read more »

To Actual Scale

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No, obviously my child isn’t the size in this picture, ha ha. But a parcel came in for Z that wasn’t due today, so I asked her to stand there for comparison. He figured out what it was and that it had actually come two days early, so at least that mystery was solved. And at least it was solved… Read more »

Tacos Tacos Tacos

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On Tuesday, I got the hankering for tacos in the explosive, tweeting TACOSTACOSTACOS (etc) sort of way. I was amused, and for once, my brain was happy to try and put that into action. Well, it helped that Z had some chicken breasts to hand, as I wanted to try my hand at crockpot chicken taco filling. So then, a… Read more »


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Here, have some pictures. First things first, the girls slept the night through together. It wasn’t the most auspicious start because Littlerbit gets shrieky at being ‘abandoned’, but after initial drama, she was in bed until her sister woke up this morning. Can I saw awesome, or awesome? I’m fervently hoping that we see a repeat tonight, so fingers crossed… Read more »