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Z and I decided to take a wander through B&M yesterday. We spotted this Squishmallow on its lonesome, and immediately realised we needed to take it home to honour our dear bat. So we did, next to ‘me’ in purple unicorn form, and past that is a gnome Z won that gets to represent him. The house feels a bit better having a bat representation here at home proper.

Not a lot going on lately really. I’ve had my head down sock knitting, and grinding Pokémon games. It’s cathartic, and keeps my brain quiet and hands busy. I’ve also been reading through all the stories on Seanan McGuire’s Patreon; I’ve been a member for years, but I’ve not made the effort to sit down and work through it. I used to get migraines really easy reading long texts like that on a computer screen, but it’s mainly held off. There’s been a few moments where my eyes have fractured to the point the white of the ‘page’ starts going colours, but mainly keeping it together.

So yes, back to sock. I think I can finish this one tonight, which means that Mum is going to be so impressed when I’m knees deep in another pair when I see her on the weekend.


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