We’re Back!

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To my vast annoyance, all my sites have been done for four and a half days. My hosting had moved me to a new server, fine. But Z’s site was up. Our work site was up. Mine? Not a one. I kind of went into cross customer mode today over it, but suddenly stuff is back up for me, so.

It’s been a good day besides my web hosting irritation. It’s our anniversary, and we went down to the pub by the river to have Z’s very very very belated birthday lunch. Gorgeous weather to be out, so we walked over to the river so I could poke it before wandering into the churchyard to visit Dad. I told him I’d been reading up on British monarchs, other little tidbits.

Anyways. Gonna go zone out and do the yarn-y game-y things. Good to be back up.


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