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I’ll give my cats one thing — there’s almost always one nearby being cute when I need a photo. There’s bonus October flop on the side, but I like it when I can actually get a picture of the furbaby eyes. It was really easy with Batman and Poison, ’cause they had green green eyes in a sea of black. These kiddos have more yellow and orange sided things, though sometimes I can get the greenish of October’s eyes to show off. Or hey, maybe it’s just as green, but it doesn’t pop the same against white fur. Optical illusions, innit.

It’s been a pretty solid day. Had someone message me earlier who wanted to reconnect, which is always neat. Got some work done, and just curling up with yarn and Sims. I’m making good headway on this Legacy… maybe I’ll actually finish it. That would be nice. As it were, I keep having to stop and kill off a bunch of old people to circumvent Error 12. As for future Simming, I need to make a point to see what other challenges are out there that might attract. Though if I do make it through this Legacy or not, I’m sure I’ll need a Simbreak. *chuckles*


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