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Been a bit rainy the last couple of days. Not like I’ve gone outside; my experience is almost wholly seeing what is on the window or not. Just had my head down sorting stamps at length for the last couple of days. I’m almost done with the main pass of the stamps wee need to send back to the Royal Mail — some 5,700+ stamps. My brain melts slightly to think that I’ve processed that many, ha ha. I’m very happy I’m at a point where I can tuck it away for a bit, pending a few questions from the Post Office. I do have the phone number for the main lady, as we have kiddos in the same year, but I’m too tired to make words to mainly a stranger (and she might think it rude to be asked stuff out of hours, which is more than fair).

So yeah, for now… game. Maybe yarn. Maybe sorting more stamps, ha ha. I have a large box of picture stamps that need loose sorting so I can tot up an approximate value. We’ll probably keep some, but I’m hoping we can sell almost all of it onward rather than trying to find clever uses for a bunch of 12.5p stamps (and other values ranging from 0.5p to £5).

So yuh. I’m still mainly alive.


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