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I took this picture yesterday when we were at the auction house dropping off some stamps. I meant to use it last night, but I forgot to post, so. Recycling is good, innit.

Poor Halokitty had to take another trip to the vet today for his post-op inspection. I was mildly annoyed because hey, cat with heart issue who doesn’t like being in the car driving across town, and THEN getting frightened by a large dog barking right next to the carrier. Z popped into the shop by the vet to pick up some treats for him for the ride home, but he wasn’t interested until he was home proper. Then everyone got treats, though Little Miss October took more than her fair share. But then, what else could you expect of a princess. 🙂

Not really much past that. We were supposed to have company this evening, but that didn’t happen. Z organised some cross-play with the people in question to make up for it, so that was nice. And we still had kebabs; Z makes a lovely chicken kebab. Of course, my idea of lovely is ‘covered in ungodly amounts of garlic mayo’, so it’s not like the standard has to be that high to carry a condiment. *laughs* But he does do good work, he does.

Anyhoos. Back to yarn, games… hoping that maybe I actually don’t have to deal with insomnia tonight. That would be nice.


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